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1. Jonathan wrote at 02.07.2009 - 12:57 hours
Jonathan's homepage can now be found on http://www.jonathanisaksson.com
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2. Sebastian Sieling wrote at 26.10.2008 - 16:25 hours
Hi Jonathan,
I hear you at the boat to tallinn on vikings inn pub. It was really nice and i would to ask, if there are any possibility to get an cd of you. i´m living in germany and could not get every week on the boat :)
Maybe it would be possible to buy a cd or mp3-disc of your songs, thanks for your answer!

KR Sebastian
Homepage: not entered   Email: sebastian.sieling[AT]web.de

3. mikaela wrote at 22.07.2007 - 18:13 hours
Mikä oli kappaleen nimi joka soititte eilen Jeppiksessä heti tekiikkan ongelimen/katkon jälkeen? Laulajan ääni oli loistava siinä ja muutenkin se oli todella hyvä!
Homepage: not entered   Email: mikaela.norrgran[AT]korsholm.fi

4. Big H wrote at 16.07.2007 - 14:40 hours
Tjenixen !! Ska bli riktigt tufft att se er spela!! Ceee ya in Jeppistown!!
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5. Mr pixxel wrote at 28.05.2007 - 15:51 hours
När kommer e opp otroliga live bilder från Faust?
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6. Mr pixxel wrote at 15.05.2007 - 22:01 hours
Rock rock rock! Det blev ju en helt fitit bra keikka! Tack för allt. Hope to see you soon!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: lejo896[AT]hotmail.com

7. BadboyRune wrote at 13.05.2007 - 19:26 hours
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: BadboyRune[AT]hotmail.com

8. The Mega Pixxel wrote at 27.04.2007 - 07:37 hours
Hoppas på en fin Åbokeikka tillsammans.
På The Vital Stuff's vägnar hoppas jag också på en fin sömngångarkeikka!

Rawk on & Glada vappen!
Homepage: Available, please click   Email: Lejo896[AT]hotmail.com

9. Jolly Pixxel wrote at 12.03.2007 - 11:48 hours

Grattis till den nya gästboken!
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10. Big H wrote at 13.02.2007 - 10:57 hours
ÄÄÄääntligen kan man ta o skriva någo hiiiit !!! Heelt suveräänt på Madisonen:) gryyymt vilken sköön fiilis man had efteråt!! Grrreate going boys and girl
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11. HC-bitch wrote at 06.02.2007 - 08:46 hours
Bra sounds på myspace folk :P keep it up
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12. El Magnifico wrote at 17.01.2007 - 14:53 hours
testing testing...
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